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    Welcome AlphaBEST Education; Offering Sabakiball at 250 New Schools!

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What is Sabakiball?

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Adults Love Sabakiball Too!

Meet the Inventor of Sabakiball

The sport of Sabakiball was invented by Michael Cerpok in late 2008 and Mr. Cerpok was awarded a patent on the sport in 2011. After being diagnosed with Leukemia several years earlier, Mr. Cerpok had decided to retire from a 25 year career in martial arts. Just prior to closing his studio, he offered a sports oriented camp for some of his younger students. During a week long event featuring different traditional sports, Mr. Cerpok noticed that many of the participants quickly become bored. He recognized that this was due, in part, to the fact that most sports include a great deal of “down” time and also that the play could be controlled by one or two dominant players. This led to frustration and even anger amongst the weaker players who felt that they had little to contribute. Having worked closely for many years with children diagnosed with ADHD, and having created many successful public school programs over the previous 20 years, Mr. Cerpok embarked upon a mission to create a completely new sport that not only incorporated non-stop play, but also by rule guaranteed that all of the players were engaged all of the time. The result was the creation of Sabakiball; a sport that combines speed, timing, balance, and endurance with constant mental awareness and an emphasis on gender equality and building self esteem. In late 2011, Major League Baseball player Scott Hairston became a co-owner of Sabakiball International bringing many years of professional sports expertise and experience to the sport, and just one year later Sabakiball was being played at a collegiate level in intramural sports programs at several universities around the United States. With growth comparable to the early years of basketball, is it hard to imagine that Sabakiball may be the next professional spectator sport?

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